The 4 ghosts have a Japanese and English name.
"PAC-MAN" is used in the terminology, "PAC-MAN defense," which is a word that is used to describe a business strategy where a hostile takeover is overturned by buying out the buyer. This concept was conceived from the game's Power Pellet system.
The game was initially released in English as "PUCK MAN," but was later changed to "PAC-MAN."

In Japan

The Moscow Olympics begins. Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira passes away.
Japan's professional baseball team, Yomiuri Giants' Sadaharu Oh retires with 868 career homeruns.
「THE MANZAI」, 「Shishi No Jidai」
「Apocalypse Now」,「Kramer vs. Kramer」, 「Kagemusha (Cannes Grand Prix Palme d'Or awardee)」
Monta & Brothers「Dancin' All Night」, Crystal King 「Daitokai」, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi「Junko」, Seiko Matsuda「Aoi Sangoshou」


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