Eating a Power Pellet extends the effect of any ongoing Power Pellet effects. This played an important role in strategic use of Super PAC-MAN throughout the stage.
Super PAC-MAN can move faster while pressing the Super Speed button.
There are 16 types of foods that PAC-MAN consumed throughout the game, including foods such as cakes and hamburgers.

In Japan

The 500 yen coin is released. The Tohoku Shinkansen's Omiya Station - Morioka Station line is opened. Ayako Okamoto wins her first LPGA Tour. Sony releases the world-first, CD player.
「2-nen B-gumi Senpachi Sensei」, 「Uwasa No Keiji - Tommy and Matsu」, 「The Super Dimension Fortress Macross」
「E.T.」, 「Rambo」, 「Blade Runner」, 「I Are you, You Am Me」
Takashi Hosokawa 「Kita Sakaba」, Aming「Matsuwa」, Seiko Matsuda 「Akai Sweet Pea」, Akina Nakamori 「Shoujo A」, Southern All Stars 「Chako No Kaigan Monogatari」


Wii (Namco Museum Remix) Xbox 360 (Namco Museum Virtual Arcade)