Many players in Japan mistakenly called "Mil" as "Pal" because of the game's title.
The special powerup items offer a variety of retaliation methods. For example, PAC-MAN can use smoke to blind the ghosts and musical notes to make the ghosts dance in place.

In Japan

The grand opening of Tokyo Disneyland. Miyakejima's volcano erupts. Nintendo's Family Computer hits shelves in Japan. PL Gakuen's baseball players, Masumi Kuwata and Kazuhiro Kiyohara, leads their team to win the summer Koshien.
「Oshin」, 「Fuzoroi No Ringotachi」
「Flashdance」, 「Sofie's Choice」, 「Antarctica」, 「Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence」
Warabe 「Medaka No Kyoudai」, Anzen Chitai 「Wine Red No Kokoro」, YMO 「Kimi Ni, Mune Kyun」, Tomoyo Harada 「The Little Girl Who Conquered Time」, EPO 「U Fu Fu Fu」


Wii (Minna De Asobou! Namco Carnival <Namco Museum Remix>) Xbox 360(Namco Museum Virtual Arcade)