Pushing the fire hydrants and tree stumps in the opposite direction may yield good results.
Jumping at the right time at the end of the round makes PAC-MAN pose to get bonus points. The maximum points that can be gained is 7,650 points, which in Japanese is a wordplay to read "Namco" (7 = Na, 6 = m, 50 = co; Namco).
A ghost may sometimes drop a Boss Galaxian from a plane. Catch it while PAC-MAN is wearing a helmet to gain 7,650 points!

In Japan

A new Japanese bill is introduced. Apple launches the Macintosh computer. The Summer and Winter Olympics are held in Los Angeles and Sarajevo respectively. Naomi Uemura goes missing on his way down from Mt. McKinley.
「Furyou Shoujoto Yobarete」, 「Uchi No Ko Ni Kagitte...」, 「Fist of the North Star」
「Amadeus」, 「The Terminator」, 「Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind」
Checkers 「Namida no Request」, Koji Kikkawa 「Monica」, Kyoko Koizumi 「Nagisa No Haikara Ningyou」, Teresa Teng 「Tsugunai」


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