PAC-MAN's jump gets weaker as time passes.
The new ghost "Common" ("Funky" and "Spunky" in the US version) is able to jump in unison to PAC-MAN's jump.
Many of the game's BGM play homage to the sounds from the original PAC-MAN game, which brought nostalgia to many long time PAC-MAN fans.
Clearing Stage 23 will lead to the game's ending, but will you be able to clear the game?

In Japan

Japanese National Railways undergoes reform by introducing privatization and division of its existing lines, thus forming the JR system. Susumu Tonegawa receives the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. Japanese professional baseball player, Sachio Kinugasa, receives the National Honor Award. Machi Tawara's tanka collection publication, "Salad Anniversary," becomes a best-seller in Japan.
「Dokuganryu Masamune」, 「Neruton Benikujiradan」, 「Asamade Nama TV」
「The Untouchables」, 「Platoon」, 「Stand By Me」, 「A Taxing Woman」
Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi 「Rokunamon Jyane」, Ikuzo Yoshi 「Yukiguni」, Hikaru Genji 「Garasu No Jyudai」, TM NETWORK 「Get Wild」, THE BLUE HEARTS 「Linda Linda」


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