The Player 2 controlled PAC-MAN is colored green.
New to the game is a brand new ghost, Kinzo (Kinky in the US version), who can combine itself with other ghosts.

In Japan

The Olympic Games is held in Atlanta. Astronaut Koichi Wakata boards the space shuttle "Endeavour." Yoshiharu Habu becomes the first 7-crown winner in professional shogi.
「SMAP×SMAP」, 「The World Heritage」, 「Case Closed」
「Mission: Impossible」, 「Independence Day」, 「Shall We Dance?」
SPEED 「Body & Soul」, Tomomi Kahara 「I'm proud」, Mr. Children 「Na Mo Naki Uta」, Spitz 「Sore Mo Toberuhazu」, JUDY AND MARY 「Sobakasu」


Game Boy Advance(PAC-MAN Collection)