PAC-MAN's game stage can be displayed on a single screen using Full Screen mode, or displayed so that the stage scrolls vertically when set to Scroll mode.

In Japan

The new Prime Minister's Official Residence is completed. The 2002 FIFA World Cup held in Japan and South Korea begins. Masatoshi Koshiba receives the Nobel Prize in Physics, and Koichi Tanaka receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
「Gokusen」, 「Mobile Suit Gundam SEED」
「Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones」, 「Die Another Day」
Chitose Hajime「Wadatsumi No Ki」, RIP SLYME 「Rakuen Baby」, RAG FAIR 「Koi No Mileage」, Ken Hirai 「The Grandfather Clock」, Yo Hitoto 「Morai Naki」