The game was first made public in June 2007 during the PAC-MAN World Championship held in New York. 9 competitors from 8 different regions, and 1 special invite attended the competition to determine a winner. Coming out victorious was Mexico's representative, Carlos Romero, who received a special one-of-a-kind PAC-MAN themed Xbox 360 along with 100,000 Microsoft Points, and more.
You can find the game's soothing tunes on iTunes!

In Japan

Sonomanma Higashi (Hideo Higashikokubaru) is elected as governor of Miyazaki, Japan. Figure skater, Miki Ando wins her first World Figure Skating Championships competition. Japanese film director, Naomi Kawase's title, "Mogari No Mori (The Mourning Forest)," wins the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.
「Karei-naru Ichizoku」, 「SP」, 「Haneru No Tobira」
「Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End」, 「Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix」, 「HERO」
Masafumi Akikawa 「Sen No Kaze Ni Natte」, Kobukuro 「Tsubomi」, Arashi 「Love so sweet」, KAT-TUN「Keep the faith」, Keisuke Kuwata 「Ashita Harerukana」